Finance Domain Specialists

FDi provide specialist consulting services for the Finance Industry across all aspects of front, middle and back office.

Bloomberg Terminal into Per Security

Specialists in Market Data Cost Optimisation

FDi deliver real, tangible savings by taking an outsider’s view of your market data infrastructure, from contracts and invoices through to request and retrieval mechanisms. We can show you how to reduce costs while improving your data quality. We’ve also developed the new Market Data Portal system.

Market Data Portal System

Instant 30% reduction in Bloomberg per security spend

MD Portal eliminates virtually all multiple hits which could save 30% of your monthly charges

Live consumption monitoring

Finally know which system is using what data, down to individual security and attribute level

Accurate cost allocation

Using MD Portal you can accurately charge internal cost centres based on actual consumption without waiting for verification reports

Precise control of data access

Easily configure MD Portal to block certain attributes and / or securities on a per consumer basis

Provide ‘free’ data for IT development and testing

MD Portal allows development and UAT environments to connect to it and use the current day’s data set

Tiny footprint

MD Portal has minimal impact on your existing IT landscape and is simple to install

Very simple integration

Integrating MD Portal into your environment is almost effortless